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Resale tickets for concerts and shows on Ticketmaster

Resell your tickets in three easy steps

Select the ticket to resell

If you have purchased a ticket for a concert or other event and show on and the event organiser has enabled the resale service, you can select the ticket for resale in the section "My Tickets" > "Upcoming Events" or "My Orders" of your account.

Choose by when to resell the ticket

You have everything under control. You set until which day your ticket can be resold. If you do not select a specific day, your ticket will remain on sale until the last available date for resale.

Get the payment

Once the ticket has been resold, the original order holder will be refunded the face price and the presale price of the ticket itself (excluding service fees and any shipping costs), less the cost of the resale service.

Easy and safe resale with Ticketmaster

Have you purchased tickets for concerts or other events, but can no longer attend? We guide you through the whole procedure: from the effective resale of the ticket to a new buyer, to the moment of reimbursement.

Reach as many buyers as possible

Ticketmaster brings millions of fans looking for tickets every day, offering you the best service to quickly resell your tickets.

Fast and safe service

Original tickets and reliable and safe transactions, to resell tickets at the identical price of the original ticket.

No hidden fees

We will tell you exactly how much you will receive when your tickets are resold, so there are no surprises.

You are in control

If the resale service is active for your event, you can decide if you want to confirm the automatic deadline offered by the system or choose an earlier customised date.

We assist you closely

When your tickets are resold, we take care of the hard work, such as making sure that your tickets are delivered to the new buyer, in order to give you one less worry.

Do you need to resell your tickets right now?

Here you can find all the information you need to resell tickets for concerts or other events that you purchased:

  • 1. Log in to your account
  • 2. Enter the order containing the ticket you want to resell and click on the "Resell Tickets" service
  • 3. Check the box next to the name of each ticket you wish to resell
  • 4. Enter the resale closing date or confirm the automatic one offered by the system
  • 5. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Resale and click on the "Confirm resale request" button


Are you organising an event and would like to put tickets on sale?

Contact us to find out how we can help you sell your tickets.

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